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If you love the flavor of juicy, ripe, home-grown tomatoes—then remember these four simple words: Sow! Cut! Plant! Pluck!

These magic words are the key to "can't-miss" tomatoes that require virtually no weeding and hardly any watering-and they give you red, ripe tomatoes sooner than you ever imagined! The "hairy" secret is hairy vetch-a miracle plant used by farmers all over America to build the fertility of their soil.

The trick is to sow this nitrogen-boosting, soil-protecting plant in the fall. Cut it down two weeks before you set out your tomatoes.
Plant your seedling in a hole you cut in the dried vetch.
And pluck the best no-work tomatoes you ever grew!

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4! The thick vetch will smother any weeds that would even dare to pop up-and it helps keep soil and your tomato plants nice and moist!

And if you think that's good... believe me, you haven't seen anything yet!

Because now, the thrifty, ingenious folks at Yankee magazine have just assembled some of the most amazing problem-solving, work-saving, veggie-boosting garden tricks and home-grown projects you've ever seen!

Read on and you'll discover how to make 210 ingenious, great-looking home-grown projects for just pennies…using materials you probably already have lying around the house! They're all in our BIG, 352-page fully-illustrated, step-by-step-simple book:

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